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We are a co-educational independent school for children aged 2-11, committed to developing the whole child, in a vibrant nurturing environment.
Our core belief is that education is not just about academic success; it is about building a foundation that gives each child the confidence and skills they need to be the best they can be, now and in the future.
A strong commitment both to academic and creative subjects is balanced with practical and physical activities, ensuring all children will discover their areas of talent, build self-confidence and achieve their potential.
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  Welcome to Gateway

Situated in the heart of the Chiltern hills in the beautiful village of Great Missenden (home of Roald Dahl), Gateway School is a co-educational, independent day school for children aged two to eleven. Its core belief is that education is not just about academic success; it is about building a foundation that gives each child the confidence and skills they need to be the best they can be now and in the future.  For one this might be academic studies, for another sport, whilst another might find their forte in music.  At Gateway School, all pupils have the opportunity to challenge themselves and to strive to be the best they can be.


  News Feed

  • ISA North London finals – 18 January 2018


    Mr Butler and Mr Judge accompanied, two teams to play in the ISA North London 5-A-Side Football Competition. The boys battled heavy congestion on the motorway but finally made it to Enfield, Powerleague, playing outside on ‘walled’ 3G ‘astroturf’ courts. This year there were a record number of entries, with the competition expanding from 28 to 32 teams. These teams were split in 4 leagues of 8, with each team playing 7 league fixtures. The top two teams in each league progressed to the quarter-finals. A band of Gateway parents braved the brisk conditions to urge on the teams. The […]

  • Year 6 receive seasonal greetings from French pen pals

    Yr6 MFL 19_01_18

    After another autumn term of Germanic studies, Year 6 are now back to their French learning with everyone else. On their return to school this January they had the pleasant surprise of a belated Seasonal Greetings card from their pen pals in the Ardèche region of France. They had already exchanged introductory letters before Christmas and will soon be writing a second letter telling of more of their interests and preferences in French. They will also be sending a short recorded video message in French to introduce themselves. This week’s French homework has provided some practice for just that, as […]

  • Year 5 think about getting old

    Year 5

    As teachers, we love it when children bring their own experience and knowledge to the classroom. Year 5’s unit of work on Michael Morpurgo this term seems to be encouraging just that. Not only does almost every child in our classes seem to have already read, or be reading, at least one of his books, they have been happily sharing their recommendations and ideas with their peers. Nothing inspires young readers more than a suggestion from a friend. ‘Cool’ has been read widely by the football players in 5DL, and ‘An Eagle in the Snow’, with its true life story […]

  • Year 3 start project to animate Greek myth

    This week, Year 3 have been very excited to start a new project as part of their computing lessons. Linking with their English and Humanities topic, the children will animate a Greek myth using the Stop Motion app on their ipads. After much consideration, Year 3 decided to start at the beginning with one of the very first Greek Myths; ‘Stone Baby’. Some children also plan to animate the subsequent myth ‘King of the World, God of the Universe’, a story which explains how Zeus came to be the most powerful of all the Ancient Greek Gods. Through the course […]

  • Year 4 elaborate on their explanations of eccentric machines!

    Year 4 toy machine picture

    In English, Year 4 have been learning all about the features and organisation of explanation texts. After looking at a range of examples, the children noticed that these are written in the third person, in the present tense and are organised into clear sections using questions as sub-headings. They discovered that these texts use a range of causal conjunctions to explain why and how (e.g because, so, therefore, consequently, as a result). They also found that time conjunctions may be included to order a process clearly (e.g firstly, after that, meanwhile). Next, the children came up with their own imaginative […]