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Friday 3 Feb 2017
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Inspiring young minds

We are a co-educational independent school for children aged 2-11, committed to developing the whole child, in a vibrant nurturing environment.
Our core belief is that education is not just about academic success; it is about building a foundation that gives each child the confidence and skills they need to be the best they can be, now and in the future.
A strong commitment both to academic and creative subjects is balanced with practical and physical activities, ensuring all children will discover their areas of talent, build self-confidence and achieve their potential.
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  Welcome to Gateway

We are a co-educational independent school for children aged 2-11, committed to developing the whole child, in a vibrant nurturing environment. Our wish is that each child in our community is happy, confident, and motivated to achieve their full potential. We are proud that Gateway children leave our school well prepared for secondary education and for life. schoolblog

  News Feed

  • Year 3 begin their new topic on ‘Sound’

    In Science this week, Year 3 have started to study their new unit; ‘Sound’. The children began by sharing their prior knowledge of the topic. They then designed lines of enquiry for each class to focus on. The children posed some brilliant questions to investigate, such as: ‘How does sound travel?’ ‘At what distance do we stop hearing sounds?’ And ‘How do different materials affect sound?’ As the weeks progress, the children will continue to take ownership over the topic by designing and carrying out investigations, in order to answer their questions. They will develop their scientific skills and deepen […]

  • Year 4 investigate plate tectonics

    As we start our topic on ‘Natural Disasters’, Year 4 have been finding out about the structure of the earth this week and how this can lead to volcanoes and earthquakes. We’ve looked at what the earth is like on the inside, from the dense, hot inner core, to the crust that moves around on tectonic plates. In groups, we created mimes, using our bodies to show these movements and the effect they have at plate boundaries. This helped us then write an explanation of how the main three types of plate boundary move and how they can cause natural […]

  • Year 2 practise their Indian dance moves

    It was lovely to welcome back the children and hear all the exciting stories about their holidays. They were so enthusiastic and full of beans – and all ready to learn about new things! The children have begun studying India this term. They started by investigating the features and the layout of the pages in a variety of non-fiction books, they were very good at spotting how different they are laid out compared to a fiction book. The children then began gathering facts about India: geographic information (location and population), types of animals, religions, food etc. They have already gathered […]

  • Mrs La Farge’s blog

    Dear Parents The children now seem to have settled back into the school routine and the snow yesterday evening provided an exciting end to the week! We are sending out the Curriculum Termly Overviews for each year group today, so please take a look at these and enjoy the exciting range of topics being covered this term. Mr Grosse and I have both tracked classes for half a day this week and both of us have been impressed with the variety and challenge the children enjoy during their day. Last Friday we received very exciting musical news – our Chamber […]

  • Year 1 recycle their Christmas rubbish

    We began the new year with a good clear out – recycling our Christmas rubbish. The children showed their green credentials with a wealth of relevant comments. Theo said, “When we recycle it gets made into new things.” Ollie B said, “Recycling is made into paper.” Saskia said, “We use the blue bin at home for recycling.” George said, “These bottles are made from different materials; glass, tin and plastic.” Karam said, “Our used dirty things go in the bin.” Rufus said, “There are lots of different coloured bins for different materials.” Lois said, “Other people can re-use old things […]