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We are a co-educational independent school for children aged 2-11, committed to developing the whole child, in a vibrant nurturing environment.
Our core belief is that education is not just about academic success; it is about building a foundation that gives each child the confidence and skills they need to be the best they can be, now and in the future.
A strong commitment both to academic and creative subjects is balanced with practical and physical activities, ensuring all children will discover their areas of talent, build self-confidence and achieve their potential.
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  Welcome to Gateway

Situated in the heart of the Chiltern hills in the beautiful village of Great Missenden (home of Roald Dahl), Gateway School is a co-educational, independent day school for children aged two to eleven. Its core belief is that education is not just about academic success; it is about building a foundation that gives each child the confidence and skills they need to be the best they can be now and in the future.  For one this might be academic studies, for another sport, whilst another might find their forte in music.  At Gateway School, all pupils have the opportunity to challenge themselves and to strive to be the best they can be.


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    Gateway School will be open tomorrow, Tuesday 12 December, from 8.30 am – 5.00 pm – no breakfast club or care.

  • Year 3 learn about the properties of 2D shapes


    This week in Maths, Year 3 have been learning about the properties of 2D shapes. To build on their prior knowledge, the children have played a variety of interactive games. These games have helped to reinforce their understanding of how many sides and corners different 2D shapes have. Using Venn Diagram hoops, the children were able to sort shapes according to different sets of criteria, explaining their reasoning as they did this. Many of the children were confident using terms such as ‘regular’, ‘irregular’, ‘quadrilateral’ and ‘polygon’. Recapping on symmetry was also a focus; the children used folding techniques and […]

  • Year 5 turn bilingual for the last week of term

    Yr5 MFL

    Year 5 (and 6) pupils have enjoyed learning some German this term. They have also had to deftly switch between languages in lessons lately, as they have been learning a French song for the upcoming carol concert! There has been the occasional mix-up of vocabulary, but, on the whole, everyone has met the challenge successfully. They have found many similarities (and differences!) between German and English words and phrases. Learning lots of catchy songs about numbers as well as some questions and answers enabled them to build a few short conversations. After a few sniggers at some of the family […]

  • Year 4 study the Christian Christmas story

    Year 4 RE picture

    Over the last two weeks, Year 4 have been studying the Christian Christmas story in greater depth during their RE lessons. This has really helped the children to develop their understanding of the events that occurred prior to, and following, the birth of Jesus. They subsequently enjoyed discussing the significance of the roles of the angels, Magi, shepherds and King Herod. Next, the students focused on artists’ depictions of various scenes from the Christmas story, including all of these figures. This prompted interesting dialogue about the various emotions evoked by the different images and events. Working in pairs, the children […]

  • Preschool children get into character to retell ‘The Christmas Story’

    The children in Preschool have been getting into character by using costumes and props to retell ‘The Christmas Story’ which Harriet kindly brought in to share with her peers. The Nativity Corner in Santa’s Grotto has encouraged children to join in with role play and understand the real meaning of Christmas. It has been lovely to hear the Children say, ‘baby Jesus was born on Christmas Day’ in their play and recite the song they learnt for the Christmas production, ‘I Have Come With Special News.’ Open ended questions such as, “Why do you think Jesus was born in a […]