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UK Heads meet to review pupil development and safeguarding

As part of a series of Bellevue Education Governance Meetings held in January, Headteachers and Deputy Heads from schools across the Bellevue Education group benefited from sessions to discuss the quality of pupils’ personal development, as well as reviewing their safeguarding structures.

Each school had the opportunity to present to the group on the topic of “The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils” providing examples of their provision in school and their current strengths in these areas, as well as potential areas of development.

The sessions followed an earlier, Safer Recruitment training day and provided an opportunity for schools to share best practice and to review common safeguarding policies to ensure the protection of all pupils, in accordance with Department for Education guidance.  The meetings also aimed to give staff a feel for governance expectations, as part of a group-wide emerging leader programme.

Moving forward, Bellevue Education plans to conduct a ‘Spritual, Moral, Social and Cultural’ (SMSC) audit of all UK schools, to support the new statutory ‘British Values’.

Steven Wade, Bellevue Education’s UK Schools Director, said “The reviews that have been carried out, and the staff responsible for safeguarding in the schools were very thorough, yielding some strong examples from practice.”

“Many thanks to the host Heads and schools; Mike Harrison at Weston Green School, Sue La Farge at Gateway School and Rick Hyde at Forest Preparatory School.”

Joining the Heads for the day were:

Rick Hyde (Headteacher, Forest Preparatory School)

Nick Tucker (Deputy Head, Forest Preparatory School)

Karen Horrocks (Headteacher, Forest Park Preparatory School)

Lee Sanders (Headteacher, Brabyns Preparatory School)

Nick Copestick (Headmaster, Edenhurst Preparatory School)

Bridget Saul (Acting Headteacher, Wandsworth Preparatory School)

Mike Harrison (Headteacher, Weston Green School)

Kate Pinhey (Deputy Headteacher, Weston Green School)

Tim Lewis (Headteacher , Skippers Hill Manor Preparatory School)

Mark Hammond, (Deputy Headteacher, Skippers Hill Manor Preparatory School)

Sue La Farge (Headteacher, Gateway School)

Rob Grosse (Pastoral Leader, Gateway School)

Charles South (Headteacher, Elmhurst School for Boys)

Tony Padfield (Deputy Head, Elmhurst School for Boys)

Sam Habgood (Headteacher, Norfolk House School)

Chris Sanderson (Safeguarding Governor, Bellevue Education)