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Fri 9 Mar, 09:15-10:30

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My memory of school as a child:
I loved school, although I am not sure that all of my teachers loved me! I played as much sport as I could and made friendships that have lasted across many years and borders.

Why I got into teaching in the first place:
After leaving the Army I realised that I enjoyed helping and working with people. Teaching seemed like a good way to do this and it was; I have been lucky enough to work in 5 countries and teach 3 curriculums!

Best Parts/worst parts of being a teacher:
I am lucky enough to be one of those people who look forward to coming to work every day. My role allows me to interact with staff and pupils from all areas of the school, there is never a dull day! The worst part of teaching has to be the paperwork, I like things being digital, it makes things much harder to lose!

My proudest moment in teaching:
I am always proud at the end of the year when the children move on to another class/school. It is lovely to reflect on the progress that each child has made, it is a privilege to be a part of their learning journey.