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Fri 9 Mar, 09:15-10:30

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My memory of school as a child: Rob
Playing plenty of sport and being part of various teams. Developing lifelong friendships.

Why I got into teaching in the first place:
It was again hugely influenced by sport- if I wasn’t quite good enough to play sport for my living then I still wanted to be involved with it in some shape or form. Teaching seemed the obvious choice and after spending my gap year in New Zealand working at a school, my mind was made up.

The best and worst of being a teacher:
Best: watching the children achieve at something that they had previously struggled with, the sense of achievement felt by the children when representing the school at something, seeing a very different side to the children when out on school trips or sports fixtures. Worst: Saturday morning x-country! (until I get there when it becomes enjoyable!)

My proudest moment in teaching:
Reaching the finals of National and regional competitions with boys and girls of various ages, teaching GCSE English to permanently excluded pupils who many people had given up on; Year 6 presentation evenings every year, hearing about the children’s achievements during their time at Gateway and watching them receive their cups.