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My memory of school as a child:  Sue B and W
I loved my schools. I had some lovely teachers, many of whom I still remember now. I made lots of very good friends and was lucky enough to have many opportunities offered to me.

Why I got into teaching in the first place:
I was working in ICT for ten years after graduating and had manoeuvred my career so that I was organising and delivering training to adults. I was also running a Girl Guide Company and I really enjoyed this so I decided to re-train as a primary teacher. A great decision!

The best and worst of being a teacher:
The greatest thing about teaching is working with enthusiastic learners every day and feeling that you are making a difference. I also enjoy watching my pupils play sport and take part in musical and dramatic performances. The worst is never having enough time to do everything you would like to with your class.

My proudest moment in teaching:
When a child tells me I have helped them with their learning or with a pastoral problem they were struggling with.