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Fri 9 Mar, 09:15-10:30

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My memory of school as a child:
Suzanne I loved school! I remember my infant school first teacher playing Puff the Magic dragon on her guitar as we sang along. Hatching ducklings in Mrs Gobran’s class and the smell of yeast as we waited for our bread to rise. (We seemed to make a lot of bread!)

Why I got into teaching in the first place:
I decided to become a teacher because I wanted to have a positive impact on students just as my teachers did on me.
The best and worst of being a teacher?
Best- Seeing the smile on a child’s face as they do something for the first time. Worst- The paper work…

My proudest moment in teaching:
When a child says I’ll miss you at the end of the year. Teaching a child to read. Getting a distinction in my final teaching practice. Having my own class for the first time. Teaching in Papua New Guinea. Being made EYU coordinator. Getting my current job!