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My memory of school as a child: Rebecca
School dinners – especially all those stodgy puddings. One of my earliest memories is singing ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’ in assembly holding my favourite teddy bear. I really enjoyed history from an early age – I remember going home and asking my mum what it was like living in a cave in the Stone Age!

Why I got into teaching in the first place:
I initially trained as a singer at the Guildhall School of Music. In my last year there, I did work experience teaching music and group singing at an infant school in Tower Hamlets. I loved being able to share something I enjoyed with the children and found it really rewarding watching what they could achieve. As a result I decided to pursue teaching as a career

The best and worst of being a teacher:
The feeling I’ve introduced something new and exciting to a child and watching the buzz and thrill as they realise what they can achieve. I love surprises and one of the best is to discover that a child can sing or has an aptitude for music. The worst part is not having enough time to do everything

My proudest moment in teaching:
One of my proudest moments was sitting in the audience watching an ex Gateway pupil win BBC Chorister of the Year a few years ago but I’m proud whenever any of the children perform. It’s funny – I never get emotional during a public performance – I think I’m too focused – but I’ve been brought close to tears on many occasions during dress rehearsals. To see an end product and the effort, enthusiasm and energy that goes into it – it’s pure magic!