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School Development Plan

During the previous academic year we undertook a series of activities to evaluate our provision to recognise areas of strength, but also to identify areas for development. We have woven these findings into our School Development Plan and will be focussing on three key areas over the coming academic year. Aligned with the School’s mission, this focus will support us in bringing our vision to life.

Creativity in the Curriculum

School Development Plan

Fostering a learning environment that encourages creativity, exploration, and critical thinking, enriching the educational experience for all the children.

Developing Individuals

School Development Plan

Promoting the holistic growth of pupils while empowering staff to cultivate their own growth, enabling further engagement and enjoyment of learning.

Purposeful Collaboration

School Development Plan

Cultivating a culture of collaboration among staff, pupils and parents, developing meaningful partnerships and initiatives that contribute to a unified, vibrant, and thriving school community.

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