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I have been have been Head of Music and Creative Arts at Gateway for many years. I originally trained as a singer and pianist at Guildhall School of Music and went on the study Music Education at Trinity College of Music London.

I believe that children should express themselves creatively and imaginatively. At Gateway we recognise that the Creative Arts are important in their own right as well as being learning tools across the whole curriculum. Our aim is that all pupils build upon their natural pleasure in visual communication to find enjoyment in creative art, find a sense of purpose, achievement and fulfilment in artistic expressions and see themselves as artists and designers. Music and Drama are powerful vehicles for personal expression, reflection and emotional development and play an important part in helping pupils feel part of a community.

In Art and DT, teaching is carried out by specialist art teachers in well equipped rooms where pupils are encouraged to experiment and explore their own ideas whilst learning techniques and processes. Activities are often linked to classroom topics to enhance the pupils’ experiences. The Take One Picture project in the spring term provides a wonderful opportunity to bring the whole school together, across age phase and subjects.

From Reception to Year 2, Drama is incorporated into the curriculum and is taught by the class teacher; years 3 to 6 are taught by a specialist. In Drama we use a variety of teaching and learning skills, drawing attention to the use of the voice, movement, appraising and performance skills. Skill building exercises and improvisation enable the children to develop their use of verbal as well as non-verbal language, such as mime and facial expression.

In Music, all children take part in a balanced programme of musical skills where practical music making and composition are interwoven with listening. Some activities incorporate the Kodaly method, which aims to develop musicianship through singing. Performance plays a very important role in the curriculum with each year group participating in two productions during the year.

The Creative Arts Department regularly welcomes visiting artists and performers to enrich the curriculum, and to encourage the development of practical arts and performance skills. Trips to museums and galleries are planned and many pupils regularly take part in concerts and performances within school and externally.

Our primary aim is to instil a love of the creative arts, which all have such a vital role to play in the education of children.

Rebecca Izard, Head of Creative Arts

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