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I have always taken a keen interest in science, from my own studies through to teaching the subject across the Key Stage 2 age range. I joined Gateway in 2015 and currently teach Year 4, as well as running a fun after school science club. I love to see pupils enjoying the practical nature of the subject and being given the opportunity to plan and carry out their own investigations, especially when a moment of awe and wonder is captured.

Here at Gateway, we believe science lessons should inspire pupils, stimulate curiosity, encourage them to be inquisitive about the world around them and enable them to develop a range of skills that are useful across their learning.

The curriculum at Gateway aims to develop enjoyment and interest in science, as well as an appreciation of its contribution to everyday life. Lessons provide first-hand experiences and opportunities to ‘work scientifically’ using a range of planned investigations and practical activities. Through these, pupils develop practical skills and the ability to make accurate and appropriate observations and measurements, while advancing their scientific vocabulary. We believe that science is for everyone, not just those who may be interested in science-based careers. Having an understanding of science allows the children to make informed decisions about the world around them, for example, about healthy lifestyles, new technology and the environment.

Jessica Crangles, Science Subject Leader

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