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Trips and Events

Trips and events offer an exciting diversion from day-to-day life at school. They are also useful for helping children place their academic learning in the context of the wider world, giving it greater meaning. From Reception onwards, each year group enjoys at least one trip a term, visiting a place relevant to their studies. We also invite outside speakers or groups to the school to run events that explore an area being studied. For example, a group called Mexicolore ran a creative workshop on the Aztecs for Year 4.

From Year 5, children go on overnight trips – an enjoyable first experience away from home for many children – building up to the five-night French Trip in Year 6, when children participate in a variety of activities where they are encouraged to speak French. Typical trips include:

ReceptionLocal Post office & Fire StationRelated to their Term Topic ‘People Who Help Us’
Year 1Chiltern Open Air MuseumRelated to Term Topic ‘Houses and Homes’
Year 2Aylesbury MuseumSupporting work in Science, English and History
Year 3British MuseumRelated to Term Topic ‘Ancient Greece’
Year 4VerulamiumRelated to Term Topic ‘Invaders and Settlers’
Year 5Ironbridge (overnight trip)Related to the History Curriculum
Year 6National GallerySupporting Art Education

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