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Another busy week in Preschool!

This week we have focussed on consolidating the digraphs the children learnt before the school closed. It has been a pleasure to see the children taking so much interest in learning these through stories, their favourite this week being 'Rainbow Fish'. All the transition children were encouraged to read, write and even spell the word alongside their picture. The younger children explored colour and used a variety of materials to create their own colourful fish. Mrs Mackay modelled some language to describe the texture of the materials they were using.

Miss Atieno led a brilliant phonics activity where the children had to build words using the sound 'sh'. They all then had a go at either copying the letters or tracing them using the chalk. It has been a great learning experience to have the use of so much floor space and use the tiled floor to write on.

Joe Wicks has been our PE teacher alongside Mrs Fisher! We have been doing lots of exercises and body movements, including experimenting with balancing on different parts of our bodies. To encourage the amount of water consumed each day, we have set water bottle challenges to see who can finish all their water first. This has worked well and the children are now drinking at least one full water bottle a day.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on Tapestry, it's great to hear the children are enjoying activities and experiences they have participated in.

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