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Another fun farm day for Year 4

Yesterday, Year 4 revisited the farm for a second time to continue our work on habitats. It was another exciting, fun-filled day with 4NW and 4JB visiting the lake this time. It was great searching the water to see what fascinating creatures could be found! 4KD enjoyed their time sifting through soil and searching for minibeasts in the woodland, which generated lots of discussion.

Throughout the day, we used our knowledge of classification keys to help us to identify what we found and we considered how minibeasts and other animals have adapted to suit their environment. This included how camouflage acts as a form of protection.

Back at school, we collated the data that we gathered and used this information in our Maths lesson, where we created bar graphs. We discussed how discrete data can be represented in this way and the key advantages of bar graphs, which includes how they summarise data in a visual form. We created our graphs and from this, we interpreted the data, linking it back to our work with habitats. The children were proud of the work they had produced and enjoyed the whole process from data collection at the farm to presenting their findings in school.

Overall, it has been a brilliant educational experience!

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