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Preschool - Nativity and Forest School

This week in Preschool we have started to get very excited about Christmas. The children came in on Tuesday and couldn’t wait to tell us about their advent calendars, some of the children have even had elves come to visit them! We have also decorated our Preschool Christmas tree which looks so colourful. The children all did a great job of making it look wonderful.

We have been rehearsing our Christmas performance this week. We carried out the dress rehearsal on Thursday, ready for the performance today. The children have done so well learning the words, movements and songs and look brilliant in their costumes. We can’t wait for you all to see them. When we discussed the Christmas story with the children, we realised that there were quite a few that didn't know it, so we have learned about the Nativity this week. We have talked about what happened to Mary and Joseph and how baby Jesus came to be born. The children quickly recognised the links between our performance and the nativity, identifying key points of the story, as well as recognising the parts they are playing. We then transformed our role play area into the nativity scene, and the children had the opportunity to act out the story and dress up in the costumes.

Earlier this week, we went on a scavenger hunt, where we went down to the Forest School with a checklist to see what we could find. We found lots of different coloured leaves, twigs, logs and bark. We listened to the sounds of the wind through the trees and birds in the sky. We visited the bug hotel to see if we could find any insects hiding in there. It was great fun and gave the children the opportunity to explore the space and use creative language to describe everything they found.

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