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Preschool have an enchanting week

It has been an enchanting week in Preschool thanks to Felicity the Fairy! A special envelope has been left in the Fairy garden each morning for the children to receive. Each envelope contained a letter from Felicity, with a special mission and a sprinkle of magical dust. Our main task was to think of kind words and hang them from the tree. This sparked a love for writing this week, the children have been asking their teachers to write words for them to copy and some children have attempted writing the words themselves. They are very proud of their work and I am very impressed with all the kind acts I have seen this week. The magical dust must be working!

Your child may have gone home this week talking about their planned adventures in London! They have been looking at underground maps working out routes to get to the top attractions such as, Big Ben, The London Eye, Buckingham Palace and The Science Museum. Oscar was particularly delighted that he knows where the London Eye is and asked to see The London Eye on google.

Thank you to those parents who have provided your child with a tracksuit for PE. I apologise if there has been any confusion, the children do not need a Gateway tracksuit, just a pair of shorts or joggers/leggings and a t-shirt.

Next week, we will be continuing with embedding the skill of subtraction through number rhymes and practical activities. Our rhyme of the week will be '5 Currant Buns in a Baker's Shop.' This song will give the children an introduction to money and develop their interest in different coins.

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