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Preschool - 7ft tall children!

This week, our focus has been on similarities and differences.

We began with an activity where we measured ourselves. The children laid down and measured their height, then they painted their feet, made prints with their feet and saw how many of their own feet made up their height. We were so surprised to see that most of the children were seven of their own feet tall!

This made us think.. are the teachers also seven of their own feet tall? We measured our heights and the children helped us check and it was still the same! The teachers were approximately 7 'feet' tall too! We thought this was so exciting that we shared the idea with our parents and gave them the challenge to try this at home and see if they were all approximately 7’ feet’ tall too. We can’t wait to see if they have the same results!

Another activity that we have done this week is to recognise what makes us unique. We listened to the story ‘the colour of us’ where a little girl talks about her family and friends and all the different colours they are. The children were all fascinated by this and started talking about what colour their skin is. We asked the children to look at themselves and see what colour hair, eyes, lips and skin they have.

Benji said “My face is a peachy colour, my lips are pink and my eyes are brown”. Orlando said “my skin is brown”, Layla said “my hair has a little bit of yellow and a little bit of brown”. Xavier also recognised that he has really curly hair and could list other children who had curly hair like him. When we had finished, we made up lots of paint colours to resemble our skin, hair and eye colours and the children made a painting of their face. They all did so well and their paintings were very good!

On Thursday, we had a very busy, ‘sporty’ time. The older children participated in a sports day, doing races for their parents. They were all brilliant, doing some fantastic listening and showing great physical skills. In the afternoon, we took the children for a walk to the park. They still had enough energy to have some races in the park, and then we all played ‘duck, duck, goose’ before heading home.

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