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Preschool - Babies, weaving and sailing

On Wednesday we focused on the National Gallery ‘Take One Picture’ event, where the discussions we have had around Moses and the river all came together for a full day of activities. The children had focused on baby Moses in the picture so we transformed our Preschool room into a baby clinic.

The children enjoyed dressing and undressing their babies, and taking them to be weighed and measured. Activities like this allow the children to engage in role play through first hand experiences. This activity also encourages fine motor skills whilst dressing the babies and conversations around size and weight.

The children also tried some weaving, using paper threading through other paper to create a pattern, or using thread to create a basket. The children showed excellent focus throughout and even if they found it tricky, they kept trying and were very pleased with what they created.

In the afternoon, we decided to revisit the stream that we went to last week and this time we extended the activity by taking boats with us to float and race. We followed instructions that we found online of how to make a paper boat, and the children made their boats by decorating the paper and folding them as the instructions stated. The children were very good at making the boats and were so excited to float them on the stream. Once we got to the stream, we put our boats on the water and watched to see what happened. Some boats sailed straight down the stream, others got caught in the grass and weeds. This enabled us to talk about what it might have been like for Moses and his basket. The children were so excited to see their boats sailing, and thought it was especially amusing to see Miss. Atieno and Mrs. Dunn fishing them all out at the end!

It was a very busy and enjoyable day.

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