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Preschool children enjoy lots of sensory play

Hats, gloves and scarves were definitely a necessity this week as we were surprised with a scattering of snow! There was a flurry of excited children yesterday morning as they arrived at Preschool, many exclaiming, ‘It’s snowing, It’s snowing!” The weather allowed a perfect opportunity for exploration, the children helped to put on their waterproof clothing and we went on a Winter walk, describing what we could see. The photos of the walk are displayed on our Winter display in the classroom.

The changes to the 2 year old provision has been a huge success. They have loved having lots of sensory play, especially access to water play inside each day. Sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction. Lots of laughter and short phrases were heard whilst making bubbles in the water.

The maths focus this week has been on exploring 2d shapes.We have played bingo, created shape pictures and explored their properties. Children recapped simple 2d shapes and explored more complex 2d shapes such as pentagons, hexagons and octagons. We talked about the number of sides and corners each shape has and practised describing them. Children will be moving on to 3d shapes over the coming weeks. You can support your child by exploring 3d shapes you may have in the kitchen cupboard. We will be using 3d shapes to create junk models! If you could collect and donate any spare cereal boxes/ kitchen roll tubes you may have at home, that would be brilliant.

Our favourite quote of the week in the Hairdresser’s role play was, “Can you be super brave?” whilst brushing each others hair! Lots of vocabulary has been heard in this area this week, such as, “What hairstyle would you like.” “I’m going to wash your hair first, then dry it and make it really pretty with hair curls.” The children have been in their element, looking at their hairstyles in the mirror. Thank you to those parents who have volunteered for their local hairdresser to come and visit Preschool. We are hoping to get this organised soon.

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