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Preschool children make the most of winter weather

The winter weather has been a fantastic learning curve for discussing the importance of keeping warm and promoting self help skills. The children have spent time learning how to put on their own coats and do up their zips. We have had some coat champions this week - some children have achieved putting on their coat and doing up their zip independently. This is a skill we would like all the transition children to achieve and they have been persevering to master this skill.

Although the weather forecast resulted us in postponing the Storytelling event, the children have still had a week of bringing the story ‘The Snail and the Whale’ to life. The Preschool team were amazed at the children’s efforts of illustrating the front cover of the story. They really payed attention to detail and used colours in their drawings appropriately. They have been very creative designing and making 3D fire engines. This has supported the children’s mathematical development, naming 3D shapes. In English, the children have been labelling their pictures using their phonetic knowledge. We have been focussing on forming the letter ‘s’ correctly and have been making snail patterns. We got very messy making a volcano, to support one of the destinations the ‘Snail and the Whale’ travelled to. We plan to continue with this project next week by painting the volcano and carrying out a science experiment to make it erupt.

Excitement levels have risen in French this week as the children have made their own Gruffalo masks. They have shown their ability to name body parts on the Gruffalo’s face. Madame Morrall does a fantastic job of making these sessions fun and ensuring the children are continuously learning new vocabulary. If you have time, please come and see the French display to see your child’s wonderful Gruffalo masks.

Next week, we will continue with our Snail and the Whale project and we will begin to reveal our ‘Take one Picture’ painting.

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