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Preschool enjoy a magical week of role play

It has been a magical week of Role Play in our kingdom. We have heard lots of discussion about the roles the children would like to play, the most popular phrase of the week being, ‘I’ll be the princess.’ We have encouraged the children to take turns at being the princess and explore other roles such as, The Queen, dragon, knight, and soldiers. They were able to make links between their play and real life experiences, Ava said, ‘I’ve been to Windsor Castle.’

Our recycling song is becoming embedded within the classroom and it has been lovely to hear the children sing the song they have learnt spontaneously and whilst they are exploring the recycling area. Next week we will be focusing on the three key factors when thinking about recycling. The 3 R’s: Reduce Reuse Recycle. Your child is welcome to bring in recycling from home to support reusing materials to make homemade musical instruments. The instruments will then be used as percussion along to the recycling song they have learnt.

Write Dance has been a very popular activity this week. Children have listened to the story of characters Yo-yo and Meema and danced to corresponding songs about their exciting adventures. We had a carousel of mark-making activities for children to choose from whilst the music played, including: chalks, felt tips, paints, water and paintbrushes and ribbons. These sessions will help to develop children’s gross motor movements, shoulder and wrist muscles, as well as pencil grip, in preparation for writing. It will also help children to become confident in using their dominant hand. Children were all engaged and really enjoyed the combination of story, song, movement and writing.

As well as Write Dance, we have read the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears this week. Children have had the opportunity to make character puppets and act out the story using our role play props. They have joined in brilliantly with well known phrases from the story and experimented with expression by using different voices for each bear. We will explore the story further next week.

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