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Preschool enjoy more of the great outdoors

What lovely weather we’ve enjoyed this week! Preschool children have had a wonderful time joining in with activities and exploring their outdoor environment in the sunshine.

We started the week thinking about nursery rhymes, with children suggesting their favourite ones to sing during group time (including Humpty Dumpty) Children then created their own Humpty Dumpty characters using felt tip pens and colouring pencils and explored the rhyme further in our small world tuff tray. In maths, children have enjoyed matching numbers in the water tray and counting how many jumps they could do on the trampoline!

The children are beginning to notice seasonal changes around them; with many of them bringing in leaves and pine cones to show their friends. Children are aware that as the season begins to change, so do the clothes we wear and have had a good try at putting on their own coats in the chilly mornings this week. We will continue to explore autumnal changes next week.

Thank you to all parents who attended our ‘Meet the Teacher’ appointments on Monday and Thursday. It was a lovely opportunity to have conversations regarding the children, their interests and how they are settling into the Preschool routine. If you have any further questions please do have a chat with one of the Preschool Team.

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