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Preschool enjoy role playing at the local Farm Shop

The children have enjoyed role playing and buying their own fruits and vegetables for snack from our Farm Shop in Preschool. We enjoyed a wonderful trip to Peterley Farm last week, where the children were able to look around the Farm shop exploring all the different products available. This was a fun way to get the children thinking about food and where it comes from. We looked at unfamiliar fruits such as a passion fruit, avocado, pomegranate and a kiwi and encouraged the children to try them throughout the week. The passion fruit proved most interesting with a variety of facial expressions as a response. At home you might want to encourage your child to try something new and share this with us on tapestry. We will continue with our role play next week looking at the concept of matching numerals to quantity using money.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring a variety of activities based on the story about ‘What the Ladybird Heard’. The children learnt some fun facts about Farm animals through a quiz and have continued to explore directional language whilst bringing the map to life in the story.

We have had a high interest in dinosaurs this term. To support this, we have been busy collecting natural resources to add to the tuff spots and made salt dough fossils to add to our museum. We extended this interest and froze little dinosaur eggs for the children to explore the concept of time. The transition children were encouraged to have a go at estimating how long they think it would take the dinosaur eggs to melt and hatch. We had some brilliant guesses from ranging from 4 hours to 600 minutes.

Next week we will be beginning our Christmas play rehearsals. Your child will be sent home with a costume slip and a letter with more information regarding the play.

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