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Preschool - Euro fever

The European Cup celebrations have begun in Preschool this week. We have been looking at maps of Europe and seeing where some of the countries are who are playing in the competition. Some children have relations in different countries in Europe and we have been trying to find those countries on the map. We were impressed that Osian could immediately show us Ireland.

We have looked at the English flag, which some children have seen out and about and we have coloured a choice of our own flags. Some children even designed their own flags with fantastic bright colours, and gave their national flag a name. Essie designed her flag for ‘Frogland’!

As the weather has been kind, we have spent lots of time playing penalty shoot-outs in the garden and tallying up our scores. We seem to have some budding footballers amongst the Preschool children and a fabulous goalkeeper in Benji. It also seems some of the teachers have hidden talents in this area!

We have linked our topic to our ongoing discussion on behaviour and there was lots of interest in the concept of the rules surrounding the game. They were surprised that grown ups could make bad choices and you could get sent off a football pitch for making bad choices! Ingrid and Otis were very enthusiastic referees with their red and yellow cards.

We have spoken to the children about Father’s Day on Sunday and have been really busy making some fabulous cards and gifts. It has been lovely hearing the children say what they love about their Daddies, for example, “I love it when Daddy plays cricket with me” and “I love Daddy’s cuddles”. We hope you all have a good day.

Next week we will also be continuing our preparations for Sports Day! This is on Thursday the 1 July and further information will follow in due course regarding the arrangements for this.

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