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Preschool - feelings, handwashing and melting

At Preschool we have been using our Millie and Molly books to discuss personal, social and emotional development with the children. This week, our focus was on friendships and the concept of being a good friend. We discussed what characteristics make a good friend, and what is not friendly behaviour. The children were then praised when they had been kind to their peers and we also talked about their feelings and why it is important to be a good friend.

This week we also focused on hygiene and how we keep germs away with good hand washing. To demonstrate to the children how germs can spread, we carried out an experiment as a group. The children sat in a circle and the first child had some glitter put on their hand. They then shook hands with the child next to them and were amazed how much glitter moved on to their friend’s hand. We continued this around the circle and the glitter carried on spreading from child to child. We talked about how this would be similar with germs and, if we don't wash our hands well, germs can spread like glitter.

In the garden, we found some flowers and plants stuck in blocks of ice. This started some fabulous conversations about freezing and melting. When the children noticed that the ice was starting to melt they discussed why this might be happening. There were some really creative and sensible theories and the whole group was fascinated to see the ice reduce in size and the plants emerge.

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