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Preschool - Habitats and pirates

It has been a jam-packed, ‘wild’ few weeks down in Preschool, as we investigate our topic of Animals and Their Habitats.

Whilst no dragon eggs have made an appearance this half term, we have been looking at animals a little bit closer to home and exploring what makes a good home for them. The children even helped to construct a woodland habitat right in our classroom for our furry friends! In our outdoor space, we have been working hard to build a lovely habitat too - in keeping with the Spring season, we have been doing a touch of gardening; planting seeds to attract very important pollinators to our outside area. The Very Hungry Caterpillar accompanied this task and we learned about butterflies and why they are important.

On World Book Day, the children enjoyed dressing up as their favourite characters from an array of tales and explored the school’s library. We had a lovely day creating bookmarks, rhyming with Hairy Maclary and even had a PE lesson with the Cat in the Hat!

Much like the rest of the school, we dove into an array of activities for Take One Picture; the children enjoyed constructing boats and sticking sea-scapes, building treasure chests and practising our writing. The children quickly associated the picture with pirates and so we had a week based around them, following the children’s interests and ideas.

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