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Preschool - Happy Eid

This week we have been celebrating Eid with the children. In the last few weeks, we have been learning about Ramadan and the importance of this in the Islamic religion. The children have thought about and discussed what is involved in Ramadan and what they think are the key elements. They were all keen on the charitable elements of Ramadan, but were not so sure about not eating during the day! The children were very good at bringing some excellent discussion points and ideas to the group time.

On Tuesday, the children made Eid decorations, practising their letter formation to write on a banner. They also used stars and moons to create sequencing patterns and made sweet treats to take home. They made cards to send home, and also created firework pictures. They even tried creating some henna patterns on a hand template.

On Wednesday we had our Eid celebration, led by Miss Islam and Mrs Shah. The children helped decorate the room and enjoyed trying some new food, including dates, as we learned that these are very important during Ramadan and Eid as the adults eat a date in the evening to break their fast.

The children were keen to reflect on the henna patterns they made and noticed that Miss Islam had henna on her hands, so Miss Atieno used some paint to create henna patterns on the children’s hands to look like Miss Islam.

We finished off the day with some music and dancing. We have all thoroughly enjoyed our celebrations!

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