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Preschool have fun mixing colours

It has been a colourful week in Preschool this week. A child spontaneously shared their knowledge of knowing what two colours make pink when mixed. This changed our focus for the week to colour mixing, to extend the child's interest. The children have been learning about primary colours and explored what new colours can be made through a variety of fun experiences. The children have been using scientific thinking to observe, predict and compare, and they experimented with cause and effect. They used problem solving skills and came up with ideas for what to do when the colour 'purple' didn't turn out quite the way we had planned!! The children learnt a new song about mixing colours and they impressed their teachers with their new knowledge at the end of the week.

The transition children went to assembly this week to celebrate and discuss world book day. They listened to 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' in different languages. We read the story as a big group in the classroom and Archie pretended to be the cocoon! The children were able to recite the days of the week in the correct order.

The children walked around the take one picture exhibition today in absolute awe and wonder. It has been a wonderful experience for Preschool to be involved in and they showed a sense of pride in seeing their work displayed. We hope you had time to look at the won

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