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Preschool have great fun learning all about bees

We had lots of busy bees in Preschool on Thursday to celebrate ‘World Book Day!’ Thank you for all of your effort creating some super bee outfits; the children had such a lovely day and enjoyed dressing the same way as their peers. Transition children attended assembly this week, where an author (and beekeeper) talked about the importance of looking after bees. This prompted lots of discussion back in the classroom. Children now understand that bees make honey and that they also help us to create new plants and flowers by dropping the pollen that sticks to them. We read our story ‘Felicity and her Moonlight Adventures’ and have based all of our activities around this story this week. We went on some bug trails of our own and investigated our amazing snail visitors! Children drew pictures of the Giant African Land Snails and had a go at labelling them, using the scientific language they had learnt including: foot, shell and feelers. Some were even brave enough to hold the snails carefully in their hands! Some very descriptive language was used as the children felt the snails move along their hands. You can support your child’s interest in minibeasts, by researching the questions they have online, exploring the bugs in your garden and discussing life cycles, at home.

A big thank you to Emily’s mum for coming into Preschool and making many pancakes with the children to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. The children were very hands on, adding each ingredient to the mixture and using an electric whisk to create the batter. Children were encouraged to choose healthy toppings to their pancakes from a range of options including: strawberries, blueberries and bananas. They were fascinated as the batter changed from liquid to pancake! A very delicious way to spend an afternoon!

Preschool children added the finishing touches to their ‘Take One Picture’ collages, paintings and drawings this week. We hope you enjoy looking at their beautiful work in our art gallery in the school hall. Due to limited space in the hall, we have displayed more of the children’s artwork in Preschool, please do come and have a look.

Please ensure that your child brings in their book bag daily so that we can change their phonics sounds as and when they need new ones. If you have any homework sheets that children have completed, please could you return them so that we can continue to rotate them in Preschool.

Thank you for your continued support, The Preschool Team.

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