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Preschool design and make their own castles

'Good Knight Sleep Tight' has been Preschool's favourite story this week and has inspired storytelling in our reformed story area. The children have been making and designing their own castles, creating stained glass windows and finding out about castles around the country. If you visit a castle with your child, please share this on Tapestry for us to share with all the children to support our theme.

In English we have been expanding the children's knowledge and vocabulary in accordance with our castle theme. Our new castle has been a huge success in the small world area this week. The children have been heard using the new vocabulary learnt whilst playing.

Maths activities have included castle counting with knights, encouraging the children to count using 1:1 correspondence and some children attempted to record numbers themselves using the number rhymes we have been learning to support the correct formation.

Lots of hearts have been coloured and created using clay, playdough and glitter. The children have learnt about Valentine’s Day today and have been talking about the people they love in their families and the reason why.

We hope you all have a lovely half term and look forward to seeing the children after their well deserved break.

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