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Preschool - Planes, trains and automobiles

A big, warm welcome to our Summer Term in Preschool. We hope you all had safe and enjoyable Easter holidays and are as excited as we are about the term ahead. We have loved hearing and seeing what everyone got up to in their time away from school. We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome our new children and families to Gateway.

We also begin this term by welcoming two new teachers to our Preschool team, Miss Bee and Mrs Rivalland. Miss Bee has a background in teaching the Early Years and is excited to share and inspire a love of learning through play. Mrs Rivalland has many years of experience in teaching young children and is passionate about encouraging children to develop their creativity and imagination.

This term our theme is Transport, and we will be exploring this topic in all areas of the EYFS. We have lots of exciting activities planned, including creating our own vehicles using recycled materials, designing and building our own roads and railways, and learning about different modes of transport from around the world. We will also be incorporating transport into our literacy and numeracy activities, with stories and songs about trains, cars, planes, and boats.

We have a special week in honour of the King’s Coronation in which we will be engaging in themed activities all week long. The children will help us to decorate our Preschool by creating a castle out of recycled boxes and designing bunting! We will also be using our pattern knowledge to create crowns which we will wear to our street party picnic.

As always, we will be encouraging the children to explore, investigate and discover through play and hands-on activities. We will be observing their interest and building on these to create a rich and stimulating learning environment. We hope that the nice weather continues so that we are able to access the wonderful outdoors.

We look forward to working with all children and families this term, and we are excited to see the children grow and develop as they explore the world of transport. Please don't hesitate to speak to us if you have any questions or concerns, and we will be sharing regular updates and photos on Tapestry.

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