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Preschool - Snow day and ice exploration

We were very excited to see snow on Monday morning! Our Preschool garden looked wonderful and the children had so much fun playing outside, making prints in the snow, snow angels and throwing the snow. There was much excitement when the children found a tray of water that had frozen so we took it into Preschool for some lovely exploration activities. One of the activities was to play with cars and vehicles on the ice, sliding them about. This prompted some very insightful discussions from the children about their experiences of driving in the snow and ice. “It is very slippy and Mummy drove our car very slowly.”

The children also used food colouring to paint the snow and ice then they broke the ice so they could investigate the shards it created. The children spent a lot of time examining the ice, and the patterns inside it. It was very cold, and slippery, and the children thought it looked like glass.

Also this week, one of the children showed an interest in the book ‘Postman Bear’. As we have some children who have had birthdays recently, there have been a lot of conversations about birthdays and parties. With this in mind, we decided to hold our own birthday party at Preschool.

The children had party hats to wear and made birthday cards and invitations to give to their friends. This was an excellent opportunity for them to practice their writing and mark making skills. We then made birthday ‘cakes’ with playdough, which the children made themselves. We asked google for a recipe, the children thought it was so funny how we can talk to the computer to ask google for what we want! Once we had our recipe, we wrote it on the board and the children measured out the ingredients to make the dough. We added lots of colours and sprinkles to make some amazing flavoured cakes.

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