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Preschool - Trains, planes and automobiles

Curiosity and discovery within Preschool were sky high at the beginning of this term. The children have been exploring all things road, rail and sky starting off with exploring how we can travel. We have had our binoculars at the ready and searched the sky for aeroplanes and helicopters, spoken about holidays we’ve recently been on, the sights we could see out the window from being so high up and more importantly the fun they’ve had on their adventures. This afternoon children enjoyed a train ride to Wendover and back to explore another means of transportation. The children explored the ticket office and how it worked, made some announcements for the public and train users and learnt how the ticket machine worked. There was lots of fun to be had and lots of smiles all round.

Preschool took time to learn about the festival of Eid with Miss Habibah and baked a yummy date cake to celebrate and share with their friends. We took a look at patterns and designed our own henna which were ever so colourful. The children enjoy learning about different cultures, religions and festivals our staff and children celebrate, so if you would like to get involved and share a tradition or festival you and your family celebrate please let us know so we can incorporate this into our lessons.

We have kick started our French lessons by recapping our body parts and learning the names of items of clothing and in music we have been learning new action songs. We particularly enjoy a song about a bus driver. During our fantastic PE sessions the children have been practising hard for their up and coming sports day by taking turns, listening for the all important whistle as well as running, balancing and hand eye coordination skills.

The rest of this term we will be looking at buses, making our own airport in the home corner and road safety. Our Preschool children will also be taking part in an animal session in the coming weeks and celebrating the Queen's Jubilee with the whole school. We look forward to sharing our fun-filled term with you all. We can hardly contain our excitement.

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