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Preschool welcomes new children and their families

Welcome back to a new year and a new term. We would like to extend a very warm welcome to our new children Daniel, Penelope, Marley, Harris, Mia, Finley and their families. The children have been enjoying sharing all their Christmas fun with us and it sounds like Father Christmas was very busy!

The maths focus this week has been on exploring 2d shapes.We have played bingo, created shape pictures and explored their properties. Children recapped simple 2d shapes and explored more complex 2d shapes such as pentagons, hexagons and octagons. We talked about the number of sides and corners each shape has and practised describing them. Children will be moving on to 3d shapes over the coming weeks. You can support your child by exploring 3d shapes you may have in the kitchen cupboard. We will be using 3d shapes to create junk models! If you could collect and donate any spare cereal boxes/ kitchen roll tubes you may have at home, that would be brilliant.

Our upcoming Storytelling event will be focused on 'The Great Pet Sale' by Mike Inkpen. This story offers wealth of mathematical learning opportunities including learning about the early concepts of money. There are various sizes mentioned in the story, the children will be ordering the sizes of the animals, smallest to largest. The children will be introduced to the story next week, we will focus on the animals in the story and learn about their habitats. The children can retell the story throughout the week and try and sequence the events.

Please continue to add photos to Tapestry of your child's experiences at home. These experiences can be as simple as family celebrations, the choices of toys your child chooses to play with at home and any outdoor activities. This gives your child's Key Person a further insight to your child's interests, which can inform planned purposeful play at Preschool. This makes the children's learning meaningful to them as individuals. Ellie brought in her favourite toy horse this week, which led to a lovely farm small world play activity where the children were encouraged to provide the correct habitat for each animal. We also learnt some facts about horses and researched how to care for a horse. Please talk to your child's Key Person if you have any queries.

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