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Reception learn a lot from a single painting

This week has been the start of our Take One Picture week. We have been looking closely at the painting ‘Men of the docks’ by George Bellows. The children have been focusing on a variety of topics including, water, floating and sinking, collage, tones of blue and comparisons of city life and country life. We have delved into the thoughts of the men in the painting and talked about what they might have been doing down on the docks on such a cold day. We have talked about how they might have been feeling and also the conversations they might have been having. Lots of new vocabulary has been learnt including names of different types of blue, adjectives and emotions. It is really amazing to see how much can be learnt from just one painting! Have a super half term everyone. Don’t forget to keep posting you fun times on Tapestry and any learning your child is doing over the week break. We would love to see it.

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