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Reception investigate outdoors using technology

This week has all been about investigating and technology. We have enjoyed using our new ‘mobile phone walkie talkies’ outside on the field. These have proved to be a very exciting new addition to Reception and are certainly going to provide many fun playtime conversations and imaginative play. We were blessed with such amazing weather and have took the opportunity to take our learning outside wherever possible. Magnifying glasses, iPads, binoculars and information books were used to research and record our findings and we even had some budding ‘local news reporters’ making their own documentaries on the creatures they discovered outside in the school grounds. Please take a look on Facebook to see an example, definitely worth a watch! Another activity which really captured the children’s interest this week was making a rainbow out of ‘M and M’ sweets. A classic example of ‘awe and wonder’ as the water was poured onto the plate and the food colouring started to spread across the plate making our very own rainbow! The children were engaged in deep discussions, predicting what they think will happen once the water was added.

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