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Reception recreate the colours of the seaside in art

Even though we had another rainy week, it didn’t discourage us from having a great time at school. The PE lessons have been focusing on the upcoming sports day which will be held on Tuesday 25th June and the children are very excited to show off some of their skills they have been practising throughout the year. In our Art lesson we were looking at the colours of the seaside landscape and the work of an abstract expressionist Mark Rothko. Just like the artist we were using fields of colour to show the range of shades and tones that could be seen at the seaside. We have also worked very hard at practising our production. We are getting very confident at reciting the lines and singing the songs from our play. Please continue to help us learn the lines and so we can deliver them confidently and clearly as the final production is only 2 weeks away! Have a great weekend everyone!

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