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Reception - Barn owls and spatial awareness

This week has flown by and it was lovely for Miss Topping to see the smiley faces of the Reception children again. They had lots of news to share with each other about their half term break. One thing is for certain though, we are all looking forward to returning to school on Monday 8th March where we can get to spend time with our friends once more. This week, in English, we have been engaging in activities with one of Miss Topping’s favourite childhood stories, ‘The owl who was afraid of the dark!’ by Jill Tomlinson. We used adjectives to describe Plop, the baby barn owl. We drew and labelled key events from the story, wrote our own thought bubbles for different characters and we even learnt a few facts about barn owls along the way. In Maths we have been delving into the topic of spatial awareness, directions and of course the all important skill of knowing our left from our right! We had great fun joining in with the left and right song and we have to admit, the children were much better at it than the teachers! We hope you have a lovely weekend everyone. The countdown to going back to school has now officially started. We can’t wait!

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