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Reception children learn about freezing and melting

WOW, what a week! The cold snap that landed upon us all this week gave us the perfect opportunity to talk about freezing and melting. Keeping ourselves warm and cozy at playtime, fastening of buttons and zips and making sure we could put on hats and gloves independently. Then, on Wednesday, we had a very special delivery! A letter from Crystal the Snow Queen! Jack Frost had been very naughty in the Frozen North and had taken all of her precious jewels and frozen them in 4 small ponds. She left the parcel in the Preschool garden and asked Reception for their help to remove the gems from the frozen blocks of ice. The children worked in teams to figure out how to remove the gems the quickest way. It was fantastic to see so much teamwork, perseverance, experimenting, predicting and amazing ideas. The children had access to warm hot water bottles, salt, pipettes, water, sawdust and sand. Salty mixtures were made up and different strategies used. The children then counted how many jewels their team had recovered and some children even kept a record when new jewels found. The children were so keen to write and inform the Snow Queen about how they had helped her, they decided in the afternoon to write some cards to her. Well done everyone, what helpful and kind children you all were!

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