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Reception - Number bonds and mental health

Reception has continued its fantastic learning journey over the last few weeks. The children have made super progress with their phonic knowledge. We have continued learning new sounds but have also been revising our previously taught sounds too. The children have engaged in many activities linking to our sound of the week, for example they have been encouraging lots of sounding and blending, writing the sounds in sand and other media, such as shaving foam, and identifying the sounds in words around the classroom.

Another achievement this week has been recognising and learning our number bonds to 5. All children have used different ways to show these number bonds. The children have been busy making paper chains with two colours to represent the numbers that add up to 5. They have also been working hard using compare bears to celebrate their understanding of ways to make 5.

In addition to this the children have had a wonderful learning journey looking at different books. Kipper's Birthday by Mick Inkpen was a great way to engage the children in exploring things that are involved in birthday celebrations. This was incorporated into their lessons where they showcased their reading and writing skills in creating party invitations, birthday cards and organising party food lists and decorations.

We also got creative during Mental Wellbeing Day. The children learnt all about the importance of being happy as well as ensuring others around them are happy too. We dug deep into our creative minds and represented all the things that make us happy on a poster. It was inspiring to see all the things that make the children smile!

We have made a great start to our new topic, Let’s Celebrate and we now look forward to the countdown to Christmas!

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