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Reception - Costumes, athletics and amazon facts

This week has been jam-packed full of excitement and fun in Reception!

We had a fashion show of our fabulous costumes for our production of Commotion of the Ocean, dressed up as our dream jobs, and spent a lot of time enjoying the sun, practising writing and consolidating our Maths skills from the rest of the year. We’ve talked about what we’re looking forward to in Year 1 and been working really hard to refine our sitting and listening skills ready for the move.

Alongside the rest of the Juniors, we took part in sports day on Thursday. We demonstrated excellent sportsmanship, teamwork along with well-practised athleticism! There were a variety of events including a dress-up race and a traditional egg and spoon race. Following this, we have talked about the importance of healthy eating to help our bodies grow strong and sporty. We sorted food into their food groups, discussed which foods we should eat in abundance (fruits and vegetables) and those we should enjoy in moderation (cakes, sweets and crisps). We then created our own Arcimboldo-inspired fruit and vegetable portraits.

On Thursday afternoon, we were joined by some very special visitors - two scientists that had spent time in the Amazon rainforest. They told us all sorts of stories, fun facts and answered all of our questions - such as ‘how many different types of frogs are in the rainforest?’ And ‘have you ever found a new species?’.

The highlight of our Friday was definitely enjoying a sunny afternoon in the garden playing a game of French Bowls with Madame Morall.

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