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Reception - Eggciting times!

What an eggciting start to the Summer Term. Mr Dyson (our resident teacher and farmer) has kindly left Reception in charge of a couple of incubators and 18 eggs to look after. He has instructed us that the eggs need to be turned 3 times a day and that the best way to keep track of this is to put a cross on one side of the egg and initials on the other side. This led to a great discussion about what initials are and Reception now all know their own initials and the initials of their friends too. Reception are all very much looking forward to watching the eggs hatch and having tiny chicks in the classrooms. They are being very patient and know that it could take up to three weeks for the eggs to hatch.

The children were also lucky enough to visit Chesham Mosque this week, they were fascinated by the colourful carpet and asked lots of interesting questions. After learning that Muslims pray five times a day, they ventured up to the top floor of the Mosque where they saw the beautiful dome with gold Islamic writing on it. The gentleman showing us around shared a recording of what the writing said when spoken in Arabic and then translated it into English for us.

As if there wasn’t enough happening in Reception, the children have been putting their gross motor skills to good use and have started swimming lessons. Although there were a few nerves from some children to start with, every child showed so much confidence in the water and all came back with huge proud smiles on their faces. One child even said they were looking forward to swimming getting, ‘trickier and trickier,’ we hope that this means that they are wanting to put their ASPIRE values to good use and strive and persevere within their lessons. We cannot wait to see how amazingly well the Reception children do in their swimming lessons this term.

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