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Reception have fun with numbers

We have been investigating double numbers this week and already it has been great to see many children already knowing some number facts by memory and achieving their targets for this half term! The children were keen to extend their knowledge with double numbers up to 10 which was fantastic! The children also had fun searching for numbers hidden in the tuff spot soil and working with a partner to decide which person had dug up the greatest number.

The children have continued to learn more facts about space and the order of the planets in our solar system by making up a rhyme to help us remember which planet comes next. Thursday saw another fun Forest school where den building and bubble blowing were the main activities! The week ended with a fantastic trip to Shortenills Environmental Education center. The weather was on our side and we thoroughly enjoyed a day out in the fresh air! The day was based around the book ‘Room on a Broom’ by Julia Donaldson, a favourite and well known book for many of the children. We made our own magic potions using a variety of ‘natural ingredients’ such as leaves, petals and grass. This will then be carried on to next week as a starting point for independent writing and potion recipe writing.

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