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Reception - Heroes and worms

The children have settled wonderfully into the New Year and we have enjoyed hearing all of the lovely stories from their Christmas breaks. It is lovely to see how the children have continued their reading and phonics journey at home during the Christmas holidays. They were all very eager to tell us about the books they have read and amazed us with their sound knowledge during our first few Phonics lessons.

We have started off the New Year by introducing our next topic which is all about ‘Heroes in our community’. The children are very excited to start exploring non-fiction books and are looking at different occupations that support communities across the country.

Continuing our theme of 'people who help us' we are looking forward to receiving a special box from our local fire station filled with role play equipment, fact sheets and story books for the children to use and explore in their own learning environment. During the next few weeks, we are also hoping to visit the fire station, looking at the fire engines and talking to the firefighters themselves. This will be a fantastic way for children to find out about the amazing work firefighters do and learn important facts about fire safety.

The children have also started this half term by investigating length in Maths. We have started to learn new terminology such as taller, longer and shorter. We have also been looking at non-standard measures and the children have explored this through cubes, handprints and measuring worms. They were all interested to find out which child in the class was the tallest. We, therefore, measured each child using the non-standard measure of hand prints. It was interesting to hear their estimations of how many handprints tall they thought they were before actually carrying out the measurement.

It has been a great start to the year and we are looking forward to the new adventures this topic brings!

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