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Reception learn about money

Another exciting week full of learning, laughter and discoveries. We have been learning about money. We used the magnifying glasses to look closely at real coins. We have ordered them by their value and had a go at making amounts using 1p, and 2p coins. We have also took a challenge to make 2D shapes with match sticks. For some reason we couldn’t make a circle! Why don’t you ask us WHY? Our science lessons were full of excitement this week. We had a very lively discussion about what might happen when we mix vinegar and soda bicarbonate together. It was so exciting to see the gas created between the liquid and solid material make our balloon POP! As good scientists we made predictions about what it is that makes the ice change from a solid to a liquid. The ice melted incredibly fast when exposed to heat. We explored the ice scene in the tough spot and thought of different words to describe it. We even attempted to write our own books. The pinnacle of all this investigation was making ice lollies and eating them at the end. Yum Yum! We had an amazing week again.

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