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Reception - Research, writing and religion

Another few weeks have passed in this short but action packed term. It was a huge excitement to join in with World Book Day, we had so many wonderful costumes and characters and it was great to see how many different stories were enjoyed by everyone.

We have been lucky enough to have a visit from the Dentist as a finale to our ‘People Who Help Us’ topic. Moving into the new topic of ‘Our Wonderful World’ we have been exploring areas around us, including a visit to our freshly decorated school library! Here we undertook our first research project into learning about the United Kingdom and its countries. We used Atlases and the computers to support our research and finding out about the national animals, flowers and flags.

With new topic books in our book corner the children have been asking lots of questions about different animals and places and we have looked at ways of answering them ourselves in class with the resources we have at hand. The grass that we planted a few weeks ago has been doing really well and the children have enjoyed seeing it push through the soil!

The children took great pride in writing their first Mother’s Day cards which some children reported that their Mums had said that they will ‘treasure’. It has been lovely to see the children’s writing progress so much throughout the year that they can write cards that will be remembered for a long time to come.

In Art this term the children have been doing wonderful pieces about Spring and our world, creating different shades of green, their own meadows and Easter chicks.

We were able to visit the local Church this week to find out a little more about Christianity, the church and Easter itself and we learnt about the symbol of the egg and why we have them at Easter.

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