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Reception swim in their pyjamas!

We started off the week with a rather exciting challenge! The children were invited by the swimming staff to have a lesson wearing their pyjamas! The children were so excited and thought it was hilarious to be putting their night clothes over their costumes. However at the same time they also learnt why it is so important to learn to swim confidently and it truly is a life skill! What a fantastic way to end the week with Reception’s production of ‘Betty No Buzz’. All of the children really rose to the occasion using their loud clear voices that they have been practising for the past few weeks. As Mrs La Farge said, it was great to see the children’s personalities and sense of humour really shine through on the stage. It was amazing that none suffered with stage fright as standing on the stage at such an early age must be very daunting for some. Well done everyone you truly are little super stars!

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