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Reception - Take One Picture!

Much like the rest of the school, ‘Take One Picture’ day has inspired a lot of learning in Reception. Fortunately, the painting Finding Moses tied in beautifully with our termly topic of Growing. We have explored how rivers grow, the importance of water in helping us to grow and looked at baby photos of the class.

Both classes have looked at all things water, as inspired by the River Thames reference in the painting and the River Nile in Africa. We have studied the River Nile closely and discussed similarities and differences between the life of a child that lived in Egypt whilst Moses was growing up and our lives now.

We have learned about the Water Cycle and how water ends up travelling from rivers into our homes, demonstrating our knowledge through both science experiments, musical performances and art. In line with Friday’s assembly, we even talked about how to keep our rivers and oceans clean from plastic and how we as a community can reduce the amount of plastics that we use, going as far as building on our watercolor paintings and improving them by re-using old plastic wallets to turn them into a whole wonderful water habitat.

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