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Reception learned some interesting facts about our senses

This week the children have been learning the months of the year and revisited the order of the days of the week too. We have been looking at different ways to measure time and the children thoroughly enjoyed the class challenge of ‘things to do in 1 minute’. We have been finding out how many cubes we could put in to a tower and how many times we could write our names before the minute was up.

This week was also a Science focus week. We have learned many interesting facts about our senses. We have experienced how sound can actually be a physical force. We stretched a plastic wrap over a bowl tightly. This represented our eardrum. We placed some rice grains on the tightened plastic wrap. Our quest was to make the rice move. We had great fun making different types of noises and watching out for the reaction. At the end it was the big bang on the pan with a large wooden spoon that made us and the rice jump. We all laughed when we saw the rice jump each time we banged on the pan. We have learned that the sounds make vibrations that travel through the air. Can you think of another investigation to test your senses at home?

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