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Reception - Trips and transition

“The big ship sails…” drifts smoothly and in tune, mostly, out of the classroom door into the corridor. Reception production practice continues at an increasing pace and the children have done their homework over the half term very well. We have some exciting character traits developing within our performance and look forward to showing it off in a few weeks time.

The children have been working hard on halving numbers, the attributes of 3D shapes and counting up in 2’s in Maths this term. We have been writing lists and letters, researching animals and looking at where we’d like to go on our next trip in literacy. Using the Ipads to look into the distances at our nearest beaches and the journey times has got us very excited for our last trip in Reception.

We had a great showing at ‘Gateway does Busking’ as well with a few children doing dances and reciting poems and stories, showing the children's confidence has grown in order to do so. The Coronation celebrations were especially fun for Reception, the novelty of making our own bunting, face painting, parachute games, sponging the teacher and THEN having a picnic outside was so wonderful for them.

As we bound into summer, we are enjoying spending more time learning in the outdoor area and joining in with Preschool more as they look to come up into Reception. Both classes were able to meet with Year 1 and ask Miss Topping and her class some questions they had about moving up in the school which was lovely to see that most children were excited about it.

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