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Reception - Year 5 fun

Reception has had a busy few weeks with lots of learning. The children enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day and shared an assembly time with 5DL where we read stories to each other. The children had great fun impressing 5DL with their reading skills and showed the Year 5’s the sounds that we have been learning in phonics recently such as the ‘ee’ sound and the ‘ay’ sound. Some of the children enjoyed just listening to stories told by the older children. A couple of them were creative and used their imaginations to make up stories for their Reception partner.

The children also had a very exciting trip to Odds Farm Park where they learnt lots about different animals. We saw some pigs, donkeys and a couple of Jersey cows and also came across some very hungry (most probably just greedy) goats and sheep. The children took it in turns to feed the goats and even though it seemed a little scary at first, they were proud of themselves for having a go. One of the highlights for some of the children was seeing some tiny lambs that had been born over the weekend. Everything on this exciting trip has linked in perfectly with our topic this half term of ‘Our Wonderful World’.

We have also enjoyed listening to Jasper’s Beanstalk where we talked and learnt about what we need to do to plant a seed. The children then wrote instructions about how to plant a seed using vocabulary they had listened carefully to. They even used their phonics to help them to sound out and write the useful vocabulary. The children also used Jasper’s Beanstalk story in our Maths lessons and enjoyed ordering the heights of different towers that they created whilst thinking about how tall Jasper’s beanstalk really was.

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